Healthy Body

Healthy Body Guidance

Achieve Better Health With Coaching the Optimal Way

If you're struggling to get a healthy body, Coaching the Optimal Way can help! We'll provide you with the guidance, reinforcement, and inspiration to develop healthy habits and build a healthier body.

Our program is based on a personalized interview with you. We'll ask pointed questions and get right to the heart of the matter. With that knowledge, we'll help you create a unique action plan that's right for you.
  • Weight loss coaching
  • Recognizing your healthy weight
  • Eating right
  • Sleeping well
  • Regular workout 
  • No medications
  • Active lifestyle
  • Hydration
  • Mindfulness
  • Stress relief
  • Exercise
If you'd like a more customized program, please follow the link below to I Choose Optimal Health, our partner program.
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Powerful Mentoring From Our Highly Qualified Coach

When you seek guidance from Coaching the Optimal Way, you'll work with our highly qualified mentor. Laurie is a no-nonsense individual who accepts no excuses, so you'll get the clear, direct instruction that you desire.

She has 10 years of health coaching experience and is certified as a health coach through the Villanova University College of Nursing. She takes continuing health education to stay updated with the most important developments in her field. Her fitness background reaches back to 1984, and she's a member of the Obesity Action Coalition.

Our company is family-owned, and you always get personalized service. For your FREE 30-minute consultation, please contact us today. Same-day appointments are available!
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